Renovations & Relationships

We definitely aren’t in the business of offering any type of relationship advice but we do understand the stress a major renovation can have on your relationship. We thought it would be interesting to share these statistics and findings from’s Remodelling and Relationships Survey of Canadian Users. If you’re considering a renovation, this also adds to the many reasons why you should hire a professional and spare your marriage during a renovation.

46 percent of respondents said the remodeling and redecorating process with their significant other was collaborative.
46 percent also found the experience frustrating.
12 percent admitted to considering a separation or divorce mid-remodel.

And a few anonymous comments from the respondents:

“I love my husband, but he honestly has no taste. But I am saying that in a loving and caring way.”

“I found renovating to be a mostly enjoyable and challenging experience, but my husband was close to a nervous breakdown.”

“Don’t get a family member as a general contractor.”

“I love the help and effort she gives, but her painting is so messy, it creates more work for me having to clean or touch up behind her. That’s my only complaint so far.”

“First time in 10 years I did not like my spouse.”

“My husband is like all the husbands from TV shows: He doesn’t finish the project all the way. He always starts something else before he finishes the project that he started with. So now I have a basement that’s not finished; I have a kitchen that’s not finished; I have a living room that’s not finished; and I could go on and on about the garden. Where’s Mike?”

We wont pressure you into calling a professional to handle your renovations but we will strongly, strongly suggest it. However, JD promises not to move forward at any stage unless you, your spouse and our respective team are on the same page. Transparency, trust and strong communication are what streamline a home renovation and that’s what we promise all of our clients.

Courtney Dionne