The Best Price vs. The Cheapest Price

Why should you hire a professional to handle all major renovations? A simple google search of “DIY Renovation projects gone wrong” and you’ll understand. Or, consider this fact from

“Complaints about home renovations are the second most common complaint at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Most involve unfinished work, quality of work and warranties.”

We understand that seeing an estimate for a basement or kitchen renovation usually comes in higher than anticipated. However, what people don’t realize is that you’re not only paying for quality of products but a certain level of experience and service.  All too often we respond to calls to fix the mistakes of a contractor selected for the cheapest price. Mis-measured cabinets, overlooked ventilation or drainage and sloppy paint jobs to name a few.

While we aren’t in the business of selling or pressuring clients into renovations, we are in the business of educating them on choosing a suitable professional when they do choose to update their homes. Below are the four main things included in the BEST PRICE, aside from quality of work and products, that most clients don’t consider when reviewing a quote:

Experienced advice. A professional renovator has the experience and knowledge to help turn your ideas into great results. They listen, make suggestions, and look for the best (not quickest or cheapest) way of doing things.

Accurate pricing. No need to be concerned about low-ball costing, inferior work or escalating prices once the job begins. Experienced renovators know what it takes to do something right and how much it costs, and they’ll tell you upfront. It may not always be the cheapest price, in fact, it almost never is, but it will be the best price. Your contractor has built relationships with his supplier and is able to pass the savings on quality products onto you.

A written contract. Trust alone is not enough. Professionals back it up with a written contract that spells your project out in detail-what, how, who, when and how much.

Liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Better safe than sorry. In the unlikely event of an accident or damage to your own or neighboring properties, a professional renovator’s coverage protects you from liability and cost. Like any other consumer purchase, a professional renovation comes with a warranty on labor. And with professional installation, there is no risk of voiding the manufacturers’ warranties on materials and products.

We beg you, whoever is reading this, please do not choose the contractor solely based on price. Do your research, ask for references! This is your renovation and your money, do not hand your home, money and control to just anyone. There is a very big difference between the “best price” and the “cheapest price”.

Courtney Dionne